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Monday, October 4, 2010

mah hair

sad face. D: my hair is dying.  as you might know i have a fauxhawk. a rather large one in fact.  its got pink tips in a zigzaggy pattern. but theyre faded. and my hair wont stick up anymore! i used liek half a bottle of max strangth dippity doo and its still fallen down..im thinking its time for a cut. opinions? or cheap alternatives or such lol. (im kinda broke). also wondering what the best kinda dye is..ive used manic panic so far.
<- my current colour


  1. I feel your pain broseph. My hair's goin south too and the fauxhawk isn't stayin up anymore. Some of that göt2b glued stuff works pretty well for me.

  2. göt2b glued is what I use as well


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