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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wake Up, Gladiator

Well hey there, long time no post.
to tell you the truth, honestly id forgotten about manic pulse, but this period of forgetfulness shall last no more.  I now have topics to write about, and a lot more knowledge than i originally started out with.
Instead of writing about punk gaming like i had originally planned to, i will now write about more serious topics, or whatever happens to be on my mind at the time.  I realized that the whole punk gaming thing was basically a facade that i had tricked myself into believing.
Since writing those pathetic posts about which band was more popular and what movie was what, i have become a changed man and now wish to write about topics of actual interest.  For example, on July 5th, i am taking a trip to my mothers in Manitoba that i will chronicle in great posts on this blog.
So basically, stay tuned for a slew of knowledge and insight that will both entertain and hopefully cause you to ask questions about your life.
The worst lies are those you believe yourself.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where the wild things are

What im playing:  Neverdaunt: 8bit, Land of Chaos Online, Anarchy Online, Jade Dynasty, and NeoSteam
What Im Listening To:  Our Lady Peace - Where Are You?

So im watching Where The Wild Things Are, and i just got a haircut.  Now as i stroke my fauxhawk while watching giant monsters accept anything that this kid tells them. and im thinking...WTF? honestly this movie is probably meant for kids, but what about all the emos and other dark people that were looking so forward to this? i know this is kinda late for a review, but seriously, this was a big letdown...

also question for discussion this time is:
is liking stuff by Tim Burton a necessity for being an emo\punk\goth\etc?

Monday, October 4, 2010

mah hair

sad face. D: my hair is dying.  as you might know i have a fauxhawk. a rather large one in fact.  its got pink tips in a zigzaggy pattern. but theyre faded. and my hair wont stick up anymore! i used liek half a bottle of max strangth dippity doo and its still fallen down..im thinking its time for a cut. opinions? or cheap alternatives or such lol. (im kinda broke). also wondering what the best kinda dye is..ive used manic panic so far.
<- my current colour

Sunday, October 3, 2010


sorry i havent posted ina while. i havent been on my computer at all.
anyways. I GOT A JERB. im working at the local video rental place, fairly good pay.
this made me have some thoughts about the work industry:
if im an anarchist, then how do i make money without supporting the system?  stealing is also a system, because you steal for a purpose, thus defeating chaos.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hey, My name's Jeremy and i just moved to my friends house to live.  I'm 16 and i decided it was time to leave my dads.  Now im livin it up and having a great time doing what i want.  I love skateboarding, even though i cant do it well, and i love Gaming, even though im not extremely good at that either.  I like wearing muscle shirts (coloured) and baggy/skinny jeans (not in the middle of the two).  I sleep in the same room as my friend, and my computer is in there, but i also have a laptop.  I like PC games more than consoles, but i still play them, and i dont really have a preference between Xbox orPS3.  Some of the games i play right now are tf2, CoD4, and HoN.  For music i like punk, metal, dance, Drum and bass, rock, and some pop songs (KESHA!).  I am very extroverted and love hanging out with people.  I am straight, but i still care about how i look.  Oh and i have a faux hawk tipped with red.

First post

First post!