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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hey, My name's Jeremy and i just moved to my friends house to live.  I'm 16 and i decided it was time to leave my dads.  Now im livin it up and having a great time doing what i want.  I love skateboarding, even though i cant do it well, and i love Gaming, even though im not extremely good at that either.  I like wearing muscle shirts (coloured) and baggy/skinny jeans (not in the middle of the two).  I sleep in the same room as my friend, and my computer is in there, but i also have a laptop.  I like PC games more than consoles, but i still play them, and i dont really have a preference between Xbox orPS3.  Some of the games i play right now are tf2, CoD4, and HoN.  For music i like punk, metal, dance, Drum and bass, rock, and some pop songs (KESHA!).  I am very extroverted and love hanging out with people.  I am straight, but i still care about how i look.  Oh and i have a faux hawk tipped with red.

First post

First post!